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AOC Show 301: The Ultimate Source for High-Performance Building Materials

John Knapp and Michael Angui, Co-Founders of Source 2050, and Shannon Pendleton, Passive House Consultant at Source 2050, join us for episode 301 of Art of Construction.

Source 2050 is the first mission-driven, curated marketplace of energy efficient and high performance building products that allows builders to find and purchase the best solutions for their projects. Source 2050 lets architects, contractors and engineers search, filter, and compare products by the specs that matter to them. They can create and share with their teams project-specific, collaborative Spec Lists with accurate pricing, shipping times and get support directly from the manufacturer of every product.

Join Devon, John, Michael and Shannon as they discuss how Source 2050 centralizes the knowledge of what products are used in high-performance buildings, best practices for implementation as the first step to knocking down a large barrier to entry in the high-performance building space, and achieving market transformation and carving out a carbon-neutral built environment.


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