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AOC Show 304: Connecting the Dots in Housing Innovation

Betsy Scott, Executive Director of Programs + Engagement at Housing Innovation Alliance, joins us for episode 304 of Art of Construction.

The mission of the Housing Innovation Alliance is to prioritize opportunities for innovation and connect key players who will create a better housing industry. By becoming a part of the Housing Innovation Alliance, you’re connecting with the best and brightest who are striving to make housing more attainable and your business more successful. The Alliance is where the entire production building industry meets to make things happen.

Join us April 25th - 27th at the Housing Innovation Summit in Denver, which includes up to 300 of the industry’s most forward-thinking and collaborative leaders. The Alliance will be co-hosting this year’s event with the University of Denver on their campus – featuring insights from seasoned industry experts, next-generation leaders and startups.

Learn more and register at


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