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AOC Show 307: The Origins and Uses of Dynamo, Grasshopper and More!

Marcello Sgambelluri, Author of Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet Reference Manual, joins us for episode 307 of Art of Construction and the first episode in our series leading up to Digital Built Week 2023.

Marcello is internationally recognized as one of the top BIM leaders and contributors to the education and implementation of BIM technology in the building industry.

Join Devon and Marcello as they discuss the origins and uses of Dynamo and Grasshopper, why builders should care and know about these tools, Marcello's vision for moving from real-time rendering into real-time interactivity, and much more.

Digital Built Week Americas 2023 will take place June 15 - 17 in Dallas. Visit here to learn more and register today!


That’s unreal! Beyond viz: make your revit projects interactive using the unreal game engine

Dynamo and Grasshopper for Revit Cheat Sheet Reference Manual

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