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AOC Show 314: Understanding the supply chain of Project Management

Sneha Kumari, Lean and Six Sigma Consultant and President of Etherzen INC., joins us for episode 314 of Art of Construction

Sneha Kumari is a Lean Six Sigma certified Supply Chain Operations leader with over 12+ yrs of experience driving operational excellence across different industries. She was also recognized as one of the few Operations Women Leaders by McKinsey and Co. for her experience in the field of operations and is recognized as one of the Top 40 women to follow in manufacturing by SourceDay. She also founded Etherzen, is a project and payment management solution focusing on building a control tower of your end-to-end project supply chain so you can intelligently manage risks, seamlessly manage projects and proactively manage payments. Etherzen revolutionizes project and payment management by providing a comprehensive solution that centers around constructing a control tower for your entire project supply chain. With Etherzen, you gain the ability to intelligently navigate risks, effortlessly oversee projects, and take proactive control over payments.

Join Devon and Sneha as they discuss the “why” you care about the supply chain of project management in construction. Considering that labor shortages pose the most significant risk in construction, it becomes crucial to efficiently manage your projects in order to gain a competitive advantage. This is precisely why it holds paramount importance to emphasize the supply chain, encompassing everything from procurement to logistics, in your operational processes."


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