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AOC Show 316: The Exciting Future of Modular Home Building

Tom Hardiman, the official spokesperson for the modular construction industry, joins us for episode 315 of Art of Construction

"Every project is a snowflake; it seems like..."

As the official spokesperson for the modular construction industry, Tom has been involved in leadership roles in modular construction since 2004, when he was named the Executive Director for the Modular Building Institute, the international non-profit trade association for the commercial modular industry. In 2012, Tom launched his association management company, Hardiman-Williams, L.L.C., with his business partner, Steven Williams. At that time, he took on the additional role of Executive Director for the Modular Home Builders Association, the national non-profit trade association serving the modular home industry.

Tom has extensive experience as an advocate on various legislative, regulatory, and building code issues at the state and federal levels. He was one of the leading forces behind creating the Offsite Construction Council at the National Institute of Building Science and has served on its board since its inception. In 2015, his company launched the first “Offsite Construction Expo” in North America. The Expo has since been delivered in person and virtually over a dozen times to thousands of attendees.

Before association management, Hardiman assisted small businesses and entrepreneurs as Director of a Small Business Development Center. He earned a bachelor’s and M.B.A. at Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and the designation Certified Association Executive from the American Society of Association Executives.

Tom has spoken at numerous conferences worldwide, including events in England, Ireland, Spain, and Hong Kong. As a tireless advocate and spokesperson for the modular industry and non-profits, he brings his entrepreneurial background and passion to his presentations. Tom has been interviewed and regularly cited in publications such as E.N.R. Magazine, Fast Company, U.S.A. Today, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. For the past decade, he has served various leadership roles with his local Boys and Girls Club, including interim director.

Join us this week as we chat with Tom Hardiman, who describes modular home and building industry experiences locally and internationally. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how the modular building industry and the auto industry compare, how tiny homes are changing the way we think about offsite construction, and how the United States stands internationally in offsite modular building.

EVENT NOTICE: Join Denver's Offsite Construction Summit on September 14th, 2023! Register and find out more here:

As mentioned in the podcast, you can feel free to email Tom any questions at his email


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