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AOC Show 321: System Built Construction From Those Who Live It

Eric Schaefer of Fading West and Ross Cohen of DL Cohen join us for episode 321 of Art of Construction!

"We came into existence to solve a problem. And the problem is that there are no attainable houses being built in our country right now."

Eric is a determine Chief Business Development Officer at Fading West, responsible for forging meaningful

partnerships with developers, non-profits, and municipalities in Colorado. His drive

to create workforce housing and sell Fading West products was inspired by his many years of ministry, non-profit, and donor relations work in California and the Southeast. Almost three years ago, Eric relocated to Denver to open the Fading West office, furthering his commitment to making positive changes in the world through exceptional leadership.

Ross Cohen of DL Cohen provides lots of unique perspectives in this podcast as well. Growing up in a construction family naturally led Ross to pursue construction at a young age. While at Denver University, he joined a residential framing contractor as their estimator and over five years began managing much of the operations. In 2009, Ross joined with his father David to start a new framing contracting company together known as DL Cohen and our components company Huron Components.

Visit Fading West's website:

Visit DL Cohen's website:

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