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AOC Show 325: Reset for Electricity

Derek Cowburn of LumenCache joins us for episode 326 of Art of Construction!

“If you find something that’s truly innovative, if your life history and experiences bring you to a point where you have the opportunity to change the world - you should do it.”

Derek is a values-centered entrepreneur who is passionate about the environment and making bold leaps in energy efficiency through system integration. He is a subject matter expert in building controls and intelligent DC Nanogrids, and contributes to industry working groups to promote efficient building technologies. As founder and CEO of LumenCache, he is leading the collaborative effort to globally change the standard for power distribution in buildings making them smart, safe, efficient, and resilient.

LumenCache's website:

Learn more by watching this video from LumenCache:

Denver HIA Pitch deck:

Watch a clip from this in person podcast here: &

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