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AOC Show 330: A software platform by builders, for builders

"You're business is never too small to get started."

Join us this week as we talk to Brian Lambert and Jeff Salyer of Managing It Right!

As a licensed NASCLA general contractor and the proprietor of EMG, Brian Lambert's construction company, he has extensive experience in the construction industry. Additionally, he is the owner of Managing It Right, a construction management

software company. He enjoys traveling, lifting weights, and running. His active nature is evident in both his personal and professional life, and his relentless work ethic has earned him a reputation as a workaholic. Driven by a commitment to excellence, he maintains high standards for himself, his staff, and his clients.

Jeff Salyer, a seasoned professional with roots in the heartland of Kansas, whose diverse journey encompasses both military valor and business acumen. Raised against the backdrop of Kansas' scenic landscapes, he discovered at an early age the calling to serve, leading to a distinguished six-year tenure as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. With three combat tours under his belt, learning from many leaders in his service career about courage and dedication, he earned commendations for his exceptional medical support to Marine Corps units. Transitioning seamlessly from the military to the corporate arena, he has spent six years making an impact in business development. Armed with the discipline and leadership skills cultivated in the military, he became a driving force in fostering and maintaining key business relationships. He learned the ability to navigate complex landscapes and forge meaningful connections that has been pivotal in propelling organizational growth and success. He holds an MBA degree along with a Bachelor’s from Purdue University. Beyond professional pursuits, he finds fulfillment in family life. As a devoted spouse and proud parent of two sons, he understands the delicate balance between professional success and a rich, rewarding personal life. Residing in the vibrant state of North Carolina, he brings a unique fusion of Midwestern values and Southern hospitality to his professional and personal interactions. In every aspect of his life, he has learned through perseverance and excellence. His journey, from the heartland to the corporate world, speaks volumes about the transformative power of dedication, adaptability, and an unyielding pursuit of success. He wants to continue to make significant contributions to the business landscape and thank those who have been an inspiration to value the confluence of service, leadership, and business acumen.

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