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AOC Show 342: The future of modular building in Colorado

“The one thing that I always say about modular is that it’s a blessing and a curse…for a successful modular project you have to work through so many things before the project can begin…The blessing is that you know what it’s going to cost if you effectively work through all those things...You have a lot more work to do, but if it’s done the right way you can hit that budget.”

Join Devon this week as we talk about modular home building in Colorado with Nathan Peterson of Vederra!

Nathan Peterson is the CEO and Founder of Vederra Modular. Vederra Modular is a new 140,000 sqft modular housing factory in Aurora Colorado dedicated to supporting the affordable housing organizations in Colorado. Vederra recently received a funding award from the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. 

Nathan has been a fixture in the modular home industry in Colorado since 2005. Over that time, he has built one of the states largest modular dealerships and development companies utilizing modular technology. Since 2005, Colorado Modular Homes has completed over $250 Million dollars in modular housing projects all over Colorado. In addition to this retail business, Mr. Peterson currently has over 140,000 ft2 of affordable housing projects in various stages of development. 

Nathan is well versed in all aspects of real estate development and modular construction techniques, holding Class A, B, and C general contracting licenses. Nathan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and has an MBA in Finance and Accounting. He has been appointed to the Division of Housing’s rule making committee for modular industry oversight for the past 10 years. and was appointed by Governor Polis to the Board of Directors at Colorado Housing and Finance Authority where he served as Vice Chair, additionally he served as Chairman of Credit Unit of the Rockies for over 7 years . He has a passion for creative housing solutions and helping those underserved and disadvantaged communities in Colorado.

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