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AOC Show 205/Industrialized Construction Series: Mechanical Contractors are Paving the Offsite Way

Bill Bullock, VP of MEP Engineered Solutions at Environmental Air Systems, joins us on episode 205 of Art of Construction and episode two of our Deep Dive Series on Industrialized Construction with Autodesk.

As our industry progresses into the “Industrialized Construction Revolution,” there are plenty of misconceptions that go along with it – like the loss of individuality in buildings, or that there’s a limit in what prefabrication can produce. These concerns are valid, but what can we do to break down these false walls in our minds, so we can build actual walls more efficiently? Balance, mindset, and a blended approach. One MEP contractor knows there’s a need for standardization in the manufacturing process, while still accommodating custom solutions for their clients.

Environmental Air Systems, the premier mechanical contractor for nearly seven decades, has been the pioneer of offsite construction solutions. From developing custom HVAC and air handling equipment in the 80’s for the textile industry, now to full-scale modular data centers, they’ve seen constant change in processes. And throughout those years, adopting new technologies like Autodesk has been necessary in becoming the single source solution for MEP infrastructure.

Join Bill and Devon on part two of this Deep Dive Series, as they discuss the unique complexities of mechanical contracting and the data center projects they acquire, EAS blazing the offsite construction trail within the HVAC industry, and maintaining a forward-thinking culture in a legacy organization.


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