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AOC Show 220: The Intelligent Home of the Future

Colin Billings, CEO and founder of Orro, joins us for episode

220 of Art of Construction.

Orro is a human-centric, wellness-driven, automated intelligent living system that creates perfect lighting for your specific living habits. With simplicity and sustainability in mind, Orro detects your presence and builds on your preferences to where you can forget about turning off your lights, conserving the normally wasted energy.

Having struggled with sleep and with limited information on how light impacts the body, Colin finally found rest with the help of a computer application that altered the screen’s brightness and color temperature depending on location and time of day. The desire for this type of technology throughout his entire home fueled the creation of Orro.

With nearly 80 percent of first-time home buyers expecting some sort of automated system in their home, it can be headache-inducing for contractors and integrators who have tried previous smart home technologies. But unlike systems that just connect devices and focus on high-tech gadgets, Orro strives to actually make life easier, with comfort, peace of mind, energy efficiency, simple installation and direct manufacturer support at the forefront.

Join Colin and Devon as they discuss the difference between a smart home and an intelligent home, the importance of recognizing how we feel in the places we live, the future of building design, and how contractors can easily anticipate the needs of their clients.



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