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AOC Show 313: Turbo-Charging Offsite Construction with Lean

Daniel Small, The Engineerovator and Founder & CEO, of DaVinci Consulting, joins us for episode 313 of Art of Construction!

Join Daniel Small, "The Engineerovator," as we dissect the roadblocks that are slowing the growth of offsite construction in the United States. Daniel, an Engineer, MBA, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Founder & CEO of Da Vinci Consulting, helps us understand the history of the segment and what he believes to be its biggest Achilles' heel: Lingering process inefficiency. Although much better than on-site construction, most offsite factories are still operating well below their potential by not implementing the proven manufacturing principles of Lean and process optimization. A must-listen for anyone operating an offsite factory or prefab shop! For help streamlining your offsite construction process, contact Daniel at or 719-321-1953. For more information and Lean offsite resources, including a free ebook, visit or


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