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AOC Show 218/Blue Collar Warrior Series: Elevating the Trades

Jon Stambaugh, Logistics Director for AOC and Mountain View Window & Door, joins us for episode 218 of Art of Construction and the first episode of our new Blue Collar Warrior Series.

The Blue Collar Warrior Series is a new podcast focus within the Art of Construction focused on elevating the skilled trades—the true warriors of construction. We talk a lot on our show about the new technologies and products that are transforming the building industry. And while this is definitely needed, the fate of the skilled trades is often left out of this conversation. For this reason, we decided to have a podcast focus where we can dive into the stories of the warriors out in the field who truly bring the buildings we build to life, and figure out how they come along for the ride as our industry evolves.

Jon has been in the trades his entire working life. Construction is so much in his blood, his last name Stambaugh translates from German to "woodworker." He started the Blue Collar Warrior group to create a community for other likeminded trade professionals to network and help each other grow. Devon and Jon met through working together on various projects in Colorado, and continued to work together as separate subcontractors before finally deciding to join forces.

Join Devon and Jon as they discuss preserving the important knowledge of the trades and carrying it forward into the future, how we can invigorate new talent to come join the trades, and their plan to elevate the blue collar warriors of construction to a new platform where they can truly grow along with the world around them.


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