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Show 104 - Advice for Building Materials Manufacturers and Contractors

Mark Mitchell of Whizard Strategy

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Mark Mitchell, a Building Materials Sales and Marketing Growth Consultant with Whizard Strategy, joins us on the Art of Construction to help bridge the gap between manufacturers and contractors.

Mark has a keen understanding of contractors and their businesses, which allows him to assist manufacturers in increasing their sales. In this episode, he offers insights into the contractor’s world and explains why many are resistant to trying new products or services. By bringing a greater understanding between manufacturers and contractors, Mark helps building material companies grow their businesses but also helps contractors try innovative new products and services.

Mark specializes in helping building materials manufacturers overcome sales problems. Using his extensive hands-on experience, he identifies what's holding them back and develops actionable strategies that enable them to grow their sales.

Mark has been helping building materials companies grow their sales for over 20 years. He has a unique ability to identify the hidden barriers that prevent you from “seeing” your way past the problem. You may have a lot of data and qualitative research reports and years of experience. Reliance on these leads to some significant blind spots that hide the solution. Mark’s approach is designed to challenge your beliefs about your customers, the market, and your competitors.

Mark is not afraid to speak his mind with fearless candor. If you don’t think you can handle some pointed criticism of your past efforts, don’t hire him. You may be doing a very good job; Mark knows you can do better. As you are too close to your situation, you can’t see the things that he does that are holding you back.

When you look at a problem for too long, you start losing sight of what the real problem is. Take a step back, contact Mark and start finding some real solutions.

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