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AOC Show 106/SBL Series - Insulated Concrete Forms - Building Your Foundation

Pat McMahon, Vice President Sales and Business Operations; Trevor Brown, Western US Territory Manager, Amvic

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Pat McMahon and Trevor Brown of Amvic Building System join us on the System Build Lifestyle podcast to teach us about foundations.

Amvic is a designer and manufacturer of several insulated products and specializes in Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), an innovative system for building foundations and walls that are green, sustainable and resilient. Every great building project starts with a strong foundation, learn if ICFs are right for your next building design.

Patrick McMahon is a senior executive with Amvic Building Systems. Pat has many years as a senior executive specializing in “go to market strategies,” sales channels development creating organization built on speed, relevance and connection.

Trevor Brown is the Western US Territory Manager for Amvic Building System. Trevor has spent most of this professional life in the construction industry and half of that in Insulated Concrete Forms. Growing up in the lumber yard, he started his own business at 18 building wooden swing sets and fences. That turned into decks and remodels and eventually into new construction. That is where he found ICFs and LOVED THEM! Since then he has built hundreds of projects, trained hundreds of people, and been a distributor and now a territory manager.

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