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AOC Show 126/SBL Series - System Builds - Silicon Valley Meets Construction

Valerie Jurik-Henry, Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS)

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Mike Rock, President of Construction at Katerra, joins us on the Art of Construction SBL series to share how his company is revolutionizing the construction world.

Katerra is using the Henry Ford model of assembly lines to systematize how construction products are made. By applying this principle to manufacturing, technology, and materials, Katerra creates large, factory built pieces that can be assembled like legos, rather than each component being assembled by hand on-site. This methodology is improving quality, shortening building time and saving money!

Mike is an entrepreneur and thought leader and forever focused on opportunities for improvement in the construction delivery process. Mike believes that the great gains in the component manufacturing and standardization of designs like systems will, once adopted, create revolutionary change that will close the gap on the need for essential housing and bring back the American dream. Not to mention solve a problem that has escaped the industry for years: an overall reduction in construction costs.

Prior to joining Katerra, Mike held leadership roles for Kitchell Contractors based in Phoenix, AZ and Bernards Bros. based in San Fernando, CA. Mike’s experience includes commercial, residential, and land development as well as a variety of market sectors in a variety of states.

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