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AOC Show 110/SBL Series - Title Companies - What You Need to Know to Make a Safe Real Estate Transac

Robert Lindley, Chief Visionary Officer of Canyon Title

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Robert Lindley, Chief Visionary Officer of Canyon Title, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle podcast series.

Robert clearly explains the role of title companies in real estate transactions and why you need a great title provider on your building team. This podcast covers how title companies act as a neutral third party intermediary to facilitate private party financing, how you can secure funding safely with insurance, and how mechanic liens can play into the lending process.

Since Robert took the helm in 2006, he has successfully elevated the role of the title provider in real estate transactions by using his ingenuity, technological prowess and understanding of the market to help grow clients’ businesses. Under Robert’s aegis, Canyon was the first title provider in Colorado to proactively embrace technology platforms as powerful tools for expediting the title process and providing a more intuitive customer focused experience. He also was the first to put service before process; transforming title from a back room task to a nimble, customer-facing, competitive advantage on all types of real estate transactions. As a result, Canyon doesn’t just deliver title policies; it delivers faster service, higher closing rates, better consumer experiences and ultimately more referrals for the clients they serve. Robert also takes pride in how Canyon has become the go-to title provider that real estate and lending professionals call upon when a transaction has become complex and seemingly impossible due to title underwriting problems. In 2014, Robert crystallized his own strategy for stability and growth in a cyclical market. He led the recent partnership with Boston National Title - a national title services provider with coast-to-coast offices and licensing. As a result of this partnership, Canyon now offers nationwide commercial and residential title insurance services to an increasing roster of clients with multi-state interests and areas of operation.

When not in the office or, more likely, in our client’s offices, Robert spends time with his family. Robert’s hobbies include mountain biking, rock climbing, and almost anything that involves snow. He is actively involved with the Anchor Center for Blind Children and serves as a source of support for parents of children with special needs.

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