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AOC Show 112/SBL Series - Mortgages - Factors about Financing Your New Home

Owen Taylor, Area Sales Manager for New American Funding

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Owen Taylor, Area Sales Manager for New American Funding, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle series to help us get over the fear of securing a loan for a modular build.

Owen explains that the lending process for traditional sticks and bricks onsite construction is the same for modular off-site construction processes. Both onsite and modular new housing projects require the same steps - securing a loan, purchasing the land and hiring a builder. Find out what you need to know to finance your next project!

Owen has 18 years experience in the mortgage industry and has served many different roles such as a Loan Officer, Branch Manager, FHA DE underwriter, Corporate Compliance Officer, and Business Development Executive. Recently Owen was appointed as a Board Member of the Colorado Home Builders Association Affiliate Council.

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