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Show 103 - Creating Healthier Interior Environments

Nonnie Preuss of Wellness Within Your Walls

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Nonnie Preuss, the Executive Director of Wellness Within Your Walls, joins us on the Art of Construction to share how her company is connecting professions with healthy, eco-sensitive products that result in sustainable, non-toxic interior environments.

As green construction practices grow in popularity, our buildings are becoming more and more airtight. A tight envelope is great for energy savings but can be problematic for indoor air quality. The building materials we use and the products we put inside our homes have a huge impact on healthy living spaces. Take a listen to learn where to find the best resources for creating wellness within your walls.

Nonnie Preuss is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, and she has devoted her career to architectural, green building, and design pursuits. As executive director of WWYW she oversees all aspects of the educational and consulting programs, understanding where toxins can be found, how they affect human health, and how we can avoid or eliminate them through innovative design and construction practices. Nonnie is a natural born problem solver, and embraces the challenges faced by today’s manufacturers seeking to bring healthier products to the marketplace.

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