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AOC Show 109 - Experience Centers - How One Designer Found a Home at JXN Station

Cindi McMurray of CP Designs

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Cindi McMurray, owner of CP Designs, joins Devon Tilly on the Art of Construction to share her decision to move her design business to Junction Station (JXN).

With over 26 years in the design world, Cindi has survived several ups and downs of the construction industry. After being hit hard by the recession in 2008, Grand Junction’s economy is finally on the upswing and Cindi’s growing design business found a perfect home in the innovative Co-working meets Experience Center JXN. Learn what it takes to keep your business going in tough times and find out how joining an industry design center might give you a leading edge!

3:02 Speed round - get to know Cindi

5:25 Background and history of CP Designs

7:37 Background and history of Junction Station (JXN), an Experience Center combining a design center and co-working space

12:28 Cindi explains her vision for having a design center that showcases quality and unique options that are the best value for the budget.

14:00 How Design Centers can simplify the sometimes overwhelming home building process

16:37 How connecting with people is the best thing Cindi has done in her 26 year career

19:17 How Interior Decorators and Interior Designers differ. Interior Decorators work with colors and furniture. Interior Designers have certification and can work with contractors and architects understanding blueprints and working with lighting and electrical plans. Understand more technical aspects.

21:08 How to use technology to connect with buyers. Millennials are the next wave of buyers and they expect to do everything on their phone. How there is a disconnect between generations and how they use technology.

26:03 Advice for contractors - never lose the personal touch as technology advances. Always be building relationships.

29:18 How contractors can build strong relationships with Interior Designers by realizing how helpful Interior Designers are to their projects and clients. Designers make Builders look good.

31:01 How contractors should NOT work with designers, and the correct answer to “What do you think?” is always “I can’t image how it could be better and I’m thinking of doing this in my own home.”

33:04 Tom’s advice to grow your business - Protect and grow your relationships and connections

34:10 Cindi’s advice to grow your business - use technology

34:46 Devon’s advice - know your audience. And since you can’t know everything, surround yourself with a good community.


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