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AOC Show 111 - Coworking for Contractors

Brian Watson of Proximity

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Brian Watson, Director of Community Development at Proximity, joins us on the Art of Construction with host Devon Tilly and guest host Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight.

Brian shares how coworking can benefit all industries - including construction! Proximity provides the coworking software for Junction Station (JXN) in Grand Junction, CO, an innovative new company that combines design center/showroom space with coworking to create an Experience Center. Whether you are a contractor on the Western Slope looking to grow your business or just someone involved in the construction industry anywhere in the world, you’ll want to listen in to learn why coworking might be the right fit for your business!

1:30 Brian introduces himself and Proximity Space, a coworking space with locations in Colorado’s Western Slope - Grand Junction, Ridgway and Montrose. Proximity also provides software for coworking spaces across the country.

3:37 Devon introduces the Experience Center, a coworking and design center/showroom space.

6:30 Coworking as a tool to build connections. Not only does the software connect people like LinkedIn but Proximity also has boots-on-the-ground people to help with networking.

8:52 How all businesses can benefit from collaboration.

12:41 What is coworking? Beyond the shared office model… coworking can lower the barrier of entry for small businesses.

15:37 What are the benefits for a contractor to join a coworking space? Having a business space, a professional environment, a place to compartmentalize work and personal life, office amenities like coffee, printer paper, internet, heating and electric.

21:53 Coworking spaces are filled with diverse people and professions that makes for great networking opportunities.

27:15 What are the benefits of joining JXN Station? It’s a collaborate movement for contractors, part of the Proximity Network, that has coworking spots across the country.


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