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Show 13 - The Power of Networking

Chris Armenta, Marketing/Business Development guru at Blind Corners and Curves
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On this episode of Art of Construction, you’ll hear from Chris Armenta, Marketing/Business Development guru at Blind Corners & Curves. He discusses their approach to building valuable business relationships through networking and how it can benefit your business.

So what's Chris' "Secret Sauce"?

Start with a long term networking plan, be unique in your personal presentation and be consistent with implementing and executing your networking plan. Chris talks about the fact that he's always in a dress shirt & tie. He's remembered as the "Guy with the Tie". Focus on building relationships, not building business. Even though that may sound counter intuitive, while you want to build your business immediately through networking, it does require patience and time. You need to establish TRUST before you go for the business. The process is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on building those key relationships in a genuine way and the business WILL follow. If you build a plan, commit to your networking plan, in time your business will thrive as a direct result of focused networking.

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