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Show 15 - Love Where You Live...How to Achieve this Objective for Your Ideal Customer

Sarah "Slew" Lewis, Design Consultant & Association Liaison with Decorative Materials
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On this episode of Art of Construction, you’ll hear from Sarah “Slew” Lewis, Design Consultant & Association Liaison with Decorative Materials about their approach to building effective relationships within the design, architectural and builder communities, and how critical this relationship building is to your bottom line.

So what is Slew's "Secret Sauce"?

Start with leaning what the customer is trying to achieve, design a plan to accomplish that objective and then begin building a relationship that relects consideration of best-placed materials, informed consultation and quality service for the long term.

Decorative Materials delivers passionate expertise, personalized service and an extraordinary collection of tile, stone and bath products for discriminating professionals including Designers, Architects, Builders and homeowners that create timeless results.

They source only the finest tile and stone products for their exclusive collection. They carefully select each product with a thoughtful, discerning eye to retain timeless pieces that their customers have come to expect. With a team of product experts, Decorative Materials provides consultation throughout the entire project and beyond. No matter your clients' visions, Decorative Materials has a perfect compliment of expertise and breadth of product to meet the most ambitious needs.

One key ingredient that they provide is responsive, accoutnable service. Doing whatever it takes to create an exquisite product and uphold high professional standards for cultivating long-term relationships. Their objective is for every person that does business with them to become their biggest fans for meeting their needs. Decorative Materials understands that even the best products cannot make up for poor service.

Visit any one of Decorative Materials four showrooms in Colorado, Denver-Aspen-Vail-Basalt, to discover design and materials that will make your clients Love Where They Live!.

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