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Show 23 - How the Tradition of Classical Architecture Can Help You in Your Modern Building Business

Chad Cox, President at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
Institute of Classical Architecture & Art logo website link

On this episode of Art of Construction, we have a chat with Chad Cox, President of The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), Rocky Mountain Chapter. Their website explains ICAA as teaching the fundamentals of architecture through the exploration and study of the classical tradition. It exists to perpetuate the cultural memory of the past as a resource for architectural issues in the present.

Hear the story of how Chad's interest in classical architecture and arts has created a passion and appreciation that serves him well in his current position with ICAA. Through this discussion you will learn how having a clear and focused understanding of classical architectural practices can help you in your business..

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

ICAA, Rocky Mountain Chapter website

Columns & Coffee Tours

A social and walking tour of significant, classically influenced buildings, expertly guided by the people who know them best. The tour group will gather at a local coffee shop before taking a tour of some of the best examples of classically inspired buildings in Denver and its surrounding regions.

Sullivan Gateway

Example of Columns & Coffee tour; in March 2015

Wire Brushed Lumber

Mountain View Window & Door's Antique Door Barn

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