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Show 26 - 3 Important Factors for Architects, Builders and Contractors to Complete a Successful Proj

Kevin Keefe, Managing Advisor at Mountain View Window & Door
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On this episode of Art of Construction, we hear from Kevin F. Keefe, a former home builder, general contractor & developer and current Sales Consultant and CRO (Chief Relationship Officer) at MVWD. We discuss how his background in virtually all aspects of the building business, has given him a unique perspective into building successful working relationships with architects, builders and contractors.

Having dealt with a wide variety of window & door issues as a builder in the past, Kevin is able to help his clients at Mountain View Window & Door, avoid many of the typical window & door pitfalls and in turn complete successful projects in the short and long term. There are 3 major factors that play a role in the building process and Kevin talks about the importance of choosing 2.

Kevin also shares with us how his passions such as providing great customer service, paying attention to detail and the building business, contribute to an overall better experience for his customers and the building community today.

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