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AOC Show 263: Housing as a Product

Greg Leung, CEO at Connect Homes, joins us for episode 263 of Art of Construction and the third episode in our series leading up to Digital Built Week Americas 2022 in Anaheim, California.

Greg is a former Apple executive who was oversaw their global supply chain planning and management for many years. Now he is using his supply chain expertise — the ability to get the right thing to the right place at the right time — to streamline a fully vertically integrated construction process using modular and prefab. Greg will be giving the keynote at Digital Built Week titled Housing as a Product.

As part of our Digital Built Week series, we were especially glad to tie in advancements in System Built construction, a topic we've been heavily focusing on the Art of Construction in recent months, with our other conversations. With Connect Homes, the future is truly now and we were honored to give our listeners a sneak peak into the topics Greg will be bringing to the DBEI community in Anaheim.

Join Devon and Greg as they discuss what the productization of housing truly entails, why logistics and supply chain management continue to be the secret ingredient for scaling offsite construction, how the team at Connect Homes creates custom housing using standardized processes, how to blend construction wisdom and technology innovation in the right way, and much more.


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