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Show 33 - An In Depth Look at Exciting Developments from the Andersen Corporation

Sal Abbate, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Andersen Corporation
Andersen Windows & Doors logo website link

On this episode of Art of Construction, we talk with Sal Abbate, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Andersen Corporation to get an in depth look at exciting developments with Andersen Windows & Doors and how these can benefit Architects, Builders and Contractors.

You'll gain insight from Sal, who is responsible for driving all of Andersen's sales, marketing, field service, customer service and logistics strategies and tactics. More importantly, you'll hear how "working with an industry leader" like Andersen can help grow your architecture, building or contracting business. Sal is responsible for leading all customer-facing experiences and touch points. He has led two international acquisitions in excess of $200M. His specialties include general management, organizational design and salesforce effectiveness, marketing strategy and branding, product and brand management, distribution and dealer sales management, process improvement and logistics and customer care. "Big Ten Indoor Tracks Championship-2008: "Inspiring Heather Dorniden Takes a Fall Flat on Her Face...but Still Wins the 600M Race" - How determined are you to win your race?

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

Andersen Window & Door

E-Series (Formerly Eagle) by Andersen

Weiland (Large Doors & Windows) by Andersen

Andersen Facebook

Grape Street Show Home- with Andersen products on full display

Weiland at Mountain View Window & Door

Elite Industry Partners Facebook

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