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Show 38 - Avoid Mistakes by Creating a Process for Listening to Your Customers

Michael Knorr, Owner of Michael Knorr Architecture

Michael Knorr Architecture website link

On this episode of Art of Construction, we talk with Michael Knorr, Owner of Michael Knorr Architecture, about his secrets to truly getting to the bottom of his clients’ desires. Michael is licensed in 13 states and shares his experience working on jobs in different parts of the country. This discussion leads us to an in-depth look into ways that professionals working together can join forces to make a project all it can be.

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

Michael Hommel and Designs by Sundown

"The Barn" Project - Designs by Sundown Headquarters

COE Construction

Studio 10 Interior Design

Paul Newmyer and Newmyer Contracting

Weiland by Andersen

Squibb Estates

Carter Design Builders/Carter Customs

Stoneridge Homes, Inc.

Kobey Development, Inc.

Paul Wagner Properties

El Dorado Construction

Northbrook Consulting

Mirror Gallery


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