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Show 40 - Mark LePage Shares 5 Steps to Successful Sales for Small Architect Firms

Mark LePage-AIA, Principle of Fivecat Studio

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On this episode of Art of Construction, we talk with Mark R. LePage-AIA, Owner/Principle of Fivecat Studio and Founder of EntreArchitect™. Mark shares with us his journey to success including the bumps along the way. Through this journey Mark discovered 5 Steps to Successful Sales for Small Architect Firms and founded EntreArchitect. Sharing what he knows, Mark has developed a wonderful platform where small firm architects can come together and gain inspiration and education to build better businesses.

1969 Modern Glass House Renovation

1969 Modern Glass House Renovation

Listen to the story of how Mark built his architect firm, Fivecat Studio, and the route he took to achieve his success. Believing that "sharing what you know" only makes the profession stronger and more powerful, Mark shares his 5 Steps to Successful Sales. You will also hear about EntreArchitect, founded by Mark, which is a wonderful platform to gain knowledge, gather resources and/or join a coalition built to inspire and educate small firm architects to build better businesses.

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