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Show 43 - A Shipping Container Home that Provides Inspiration for Building with Creativity

On this episode of the Art of Construction, we talk with Regan and Libby Foster about the process behind the 4,000 sq. ft. shipping container home they recently finished building. Regan, owner of Foster Design, and Libby, owner of doTerra International, have created a community style home with 9 shipping containers and a lot of hard work. They share the joys and pains of building a unique one of a kind home while providing inspiration to thinking outside the box for your next build.

Regan and Libby share their expertise and experience on everything from shipping container shopping to figuring out lending processes, to making the best product and design decisions for the budget. They also share their experiences working with architects and contractors. This show is not only a huge motivator but you will gain insight about your homeowners and gain inspiration to create a beautiful product for your customers while hitting their budgets.

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