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Show 48 - Enoch Sears on What You Didn’t Learn in Architecture School

Enoch Sears, Architect and Founder of Business of Architecture and

On this episode of the Art of Construction, Enoch Sears, Architect and Founder of Business of Architecture and, shares with us, through his research of successful architecture firms, what it takes for a small firm architect to succeed. Enoch is famous for helping architects increase their income and freedom using client attraction strategies. On this episode you will learn 4 key elements to help you receive steady income and win the projects that you desire while maintaining a balanced work and personal life.

Enoch Sears is known as the most sought-after expert on marketing for architects. He founded Business of Architecture and Architects Marketing to help solo architects and small firms run a better business so they can have the peace of mind to focus on creating great architecture.

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

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Architect's Essentials of Negotiation by Eva Abramowitz

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