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Show 5 - Price Qualifying, the Key to a Successful Sale

Polly Lestikow, Owner of Closet Factory
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On this episode of Art of Construction, Polly Lestikow, co-owner of the Closet Factory, provides great tips on Price Qualifying... getting potential customers to open up and share their expectations at the beginning of the process to set a better foundation from the start, saving time and money and creating a better customer experience.

For a Contractor, new home builder or remodeler, the idea of addressing pricing concerns early on can be a bit intimidating for everybody. Polly and her Closet Factory team have become great proponents of Price Qualifying early in the process. In fact, they have given many presentations to industry professionals with great response. There's a reason Closet Factory has become the authority in customized storage solutions. Tune in to see why Polly and her team have implemented the Price Qualifying process into their daily success.

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