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Show 51 - Mobile Collaboration for the Construction Industry

Yves Frinault, CEO and Co-Founder of Fieldwire
Fieldwire website link

On this episode of the Art of Construction, we have an eye opening talk with Yves Frinault, CEO and Co-Founder of Fieldwire. Yves shares with us a wonderful mobile construction management tool for Foremen and Supers to make project execution more efficient. Devon and Kevin discuss with Yves the slow start that the industry has had on utilizing technology and what exactly embracing it, using tools such as Fieldwire, can do for your company and how it increases project success.

Saving each user between 5-15 hours per week adds up when all of those involved on the job utilitlize the tool. Keeping projects up to date in real time, automation of repetitive tasks, compatibility with many of the other software programs that are being used in the industry and the ease of use are just a few reasons to look into Fieldwire to see how it can benefit your project.​

Customer Testimonials

"Our field staff used to spend 10 hours a week behind a computer. Now they spend it at the job-site."Manuel Rosas - BIM Coordinator , Shimizu

"Really rather incredible. Straightforward and simple, yet its ease and sharing of drawings makes it powerful and sophisticated."John Howell - Design Architect , Jacobs.

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