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Show 55 - "Where You Begin is Not Always Where You End Up"

Matt Jones, Host of The Site Shed and Owner of Tradie Web Guys
The Site Shed website link

On this episode of the Art of Construction, we have an informative chat with Matt Jones, Owner of Tradie Web Guys and Host of The Site Shed, about the importance of building a presence for your business and the tools you can utilize to build that presence. Matt shares with us his experience working in the trade and how he ended up where he is today. After this show you will know what content creation and targeted marketing is, as well as the value of investing in yourself and your business.

About Matt Jones

As a former plumber, Matt always had a vision of one day being able to give back to his industry. He dreamed of finding a way that he could somehow leave a legacy that positively adds value to business across the globe. As the director of Tradie Web Guys, Matt works with companies to help them build a solid online platform, that forms the foundation of their modern business. As the director of The Site Shed and the facilitator of The Site Shed Podcast, Matt has been able to create an education vehicle that brings trade related business tools and resources into a single place for the benefit of the global trade community.

New Vocabulary Words!

A Tradie in Australia is what we call an Apprentice in the U.S.

A Tender in Australia is what we call a Bid in the U.S.

An Extension in Australia is what we call a Remodel in the U.S.

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

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