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Show 58 - Don’t Wait to Talk Hardware

Tim Zorich, Trusted Advisor at Mountain View Window & Door

Mountain View Window & Door website link

On this episode of the Art of Construction, we have an illuminating conversation with Tim Zorich, Trusted Advisor and Hardware Specialist at Mountain View Window & Door.

Tim has over 40 yrs. experience working with decorative hardware and shares his knowledge of how to make the hardware side of your project go smoothly. Tune in and learn the reasons why thinking about hardware early on in your project can help you hit your budget and result in the aesthetics you are striving for.

Tim's background has been in the decorative hardware industry as a sales consultant, manager and entrepreneur. With nearly 40 years in this niche, he has learned the crucial importance of the many details and attributes. If all of those details and attributes are correct the result can be stunning. Decorative hardware can be the jewelry for any outstanding home. When properly managed, along with timely delivery, hardware needn’t be the headache which vastly exceeds the budget value on any given custom house.

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