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Show 6 - Historic Remodel Tips from a Top Notch Design Build Firm

Paul Fread, Designer and Operations Manager at Classic Homeworks
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On this episode of Art of Construction, you'll hear an interesting perspective about historical renovation projects in Denver from premier Design Build expert Paul Fread, Design & Operations Manager with Classic Homeworks.

So what's Paul's "Secret Sauce"? Start with the best possible design, then provide continuous communication with customers throughout the process, letting them know up front that you get what you pay for - the word "value" is not cheap.

A commitment to quality results in a professional manner, dedication to every detail and managing the renovation process along with customer expectations to ensure unmatched quality, service and customer satisfaction.Tune in to hear how Paul and the team at Classic Homeworks turned this approach into a successful Design Build firm specializing in historic renovations and specialized remodels with a Denver focus.

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