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Show 62 - How to Live a Full Life Perspective

Devon Tilly, host of the Art of Construction

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On this episode of Art of Construction, we introduce you to what living a Full Life Perspective is all about.

Devon Tilly was introduced to this concept by it’s creator, Greg Gebben, and now Devon is bringing this training to the new age to benefit all of us who are looking for REAL tools to help us accomplish our goals. Living the Full Life Perspective will not only enhance your personal life but your professional life as well!

Are you in Denver?
Experience the Full Life Perspective at a live event!

Are you interested in attending a webinar on the Full Life Perspective?
Let us know and we'll keep you updated on the next one coming up

Attend an event and learn how to get the additional FLP tools!

Professionals and Links Referenced in Show

Greg Gebben


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