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Show 7 - Navigating the Health Insurance Arena for Business Owners

Nelly Sinclair, Benefits Manager at Visceral Solutions Inc.

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On this episode of Art of Construction, you'll hear an interesting approach to navigating the rough waters within the health insurance arena for companies and their workforce from Nelly Sinclair, Benefits Manager with Visceral Solutions Inc.

So what's Nelly's "Secret Sauce"? Navigating the choppy waters of the health benefits world, Nelly helps both business owners and their workforce find reasonable alternatives for coverage. Nelly talks about ways to take the burden off employers and employees by keeping up with all the crazy changes and the arduous process, making it so nobody gets buried in the boring details of insurance. She also discusses the many options that both employers and employees have as far as benefits go. Tune in to hear how Nelly and the team at Visceral Solutions can help your business so you can focus on yours.

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