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Show 9 - Protecting Your Construction Projects

Stephanie Beninati, Owner of Strategic Insurance Services
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Our last episode of the year! Happy Holidays and make sure to tune in next year to hear more experts give their tips and tricks to help benefit your business! On this episode of the Art of Construction, you’ll hear from Stephanie Beninati, owner of Strategic Insurance Services and Bonded Builders, as she gives an important outline on how to protect your construction projects now and in the future.

So what's Stephanie's "Secret Sauce"? Understanding the complicated world of construction liability and warranty coverage and then building relationships with builders and insurance providers to match the best coverage and protection for both the short and long term. Stephanie explains doing this with the best value to meet the builder's needs

Stephanie also discusses how to keep up with all of the important changes in legislation, as well as , the changes in the insurance landscape so you don't end up losing what you've worked so hard to achieve.Tune in to hear how Stephanie and the team at Strategic Insurance Services and Bonded Builders can help keep your construction projects protected.

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