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AOC Show 212: An Automated Home is a Healthier Home

Steve Weber, President and CEO of Liaison Home Automation, joins us for episode 212 of Art of Construction.

As people evolve and homes become more sophisticated, wouldn’t it be nice to have an “Easy” button to help simplify our lives? It turns out that button IS possible, and it could have many positive impacts on our home and health.

With an incredible medical and surgical background, Steve Weber has always had a passion for how technologies can help people live healthier lives. His drive went beyond the operating room, and into his own home, where he wanted to simplify his life and automate various home systems. But after four years of unsuccessful attempts and constant issues with the same integrator, he realized the need for simplification of these processes. With a most fitting name, Liaison Home Automation became just that.

Liaison helps homeowners control every electronic aspect of their living space – all from a single app. From air filtration systems that kill bacteria, to lighting that works with our natural circadian rhythm instead of against it, they integrate the software, hardware and technology into a system that homeowners can easily use, eliminating any technology pain points.

Join Steve and Devon in this intriguing conversation as they discuss the full scope of Liaison, details in living spaces that fulfill the needs of today, how home system integration and health coincide, and some tantalizing technology products that’ll change our lives.



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