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The Virtual Experience 

Use During Construction

One of the most beneficial tools the virtual experience has to offer can be utilized at the most crucial step: throughout the duration of the construction process. 

The amount of DETAIL that goes into a construction project is uncanny and requires an immense amount of attention to detail and patience.  While in person punch lists will always be around, at least for the time being, using the virtual experience guided tours can greatly increase PRODUCTIVITY, allotted time for detail checks and PUNCH LISTS, and CUSTOMER APPRECIATION / SATISFACTION. 





















The Matterport allows us to get up close and personal to walls, windows, pipes, insulation, drains, etc. with the click of a button, and no necessary requirement for a person to physically enter the site.  Current and previous clients who work in the industry of evaluating fire and water damage tell different stories about how beneficial the virtual camera has been for assessing any amounts of damage through the lens of a digital device.      


"This is the most fantastic tool I have ever seen for 3D representation of the project! I was able to use it to find details like pipes, cables, and ductwork to make necessary corrections. This is saving time and costs for both the subcontractors and myself. Thanks MVWD for supplying this! This should be a part of every project both before insulation and also after completion!"

- Jim, General Contractor, Hilltop Project

Punch lists are vital for the organizational processes taken to keep a permanent record of what's behind the walls before they're put up.  These 3D Scans allow the creation of punch lists to become not only digital, but easily accessible and easier to manage.  Let this "digital punch list" be more than just a pen and notepad, but a permanent world to explore through amazing detail and convenience to anyone who utilizes this      construction of the future.   

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 6.29.44 PM.png

Detailed screen capture of piping taken directly from Virtual Experience - During Construction scan

Click N' Mortar

Brick n' Mortar represents a phrase in the construction world as old as time pertaining to face-to-face interactions to discuss any matter of costs, measurements, walk throughs, etc.  Now that all interactions are becoming distanced either socially or digitally, and thanks to the virtual experience, clients and builders can now click n' mortar through a whole new virtual experience.  

Not only can you view a showroom to pick out some of your favorites amongst the collection of materials or even specifications using the precise measuring tool, but you can walkthrough entire finished houses without being there to still acquire a feel for the environment.    

Take a walk through our Denver Showroom to explore the immense amounts of luxury windows and doors Mountain View has to offer

The Art of Construction joins Enscape for a webinar titled: "What does the Workplace Look Like in a Post-Pandemic Future?" Both parties discuss the ins and outs of

  • How adopting new technology now is crucial 

  • How to properly use this new technology

  • The idea of 'click n' mortar' instead of brick n' mortar

  • What the workplace in the future will consist of   

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 11.40.25

Check out the Webinar here!

Along with the up and coming 'click n' mortar' method, there's a useful tool integrated into 

these virtual experience programs: the use of 



Tagging items within a scan shows dimensions, costs, types of material per item, and much more.  They can be useful to both the customer and team members who're working diligently to keep the customer satisfied. Think of these tags as digital mark ups or check lists to ensure that everything in the scan is up to date and visible for both the client and a Mountain View Window and Door team member.  Tags are user friendly, easy to view, and hassle free to enhance your virtual experience.  These tags can also be organized in any fashion to stray from cluttering up your virtual walk space.           

Below is a Matterport scan from Design Wright Studios. They utilize tags in a very effective way without them overloading the appearance of the studio.  Each tag is concise, informative, and convenient for customers.     

Design Wright Studios showcases their showroom and use of tags

Finished Home for Marketing

The last crucial use of this new technology is for the purpose of marketing spaces,  like both finished and unfinished homes, and showrooms.  Since these 3D scans are for anybody no matter the department (architecture, engineering or construction), you and your company have the abilities to streamline documentation 24/7, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate easily with clients.  


Below is a perfect example of a scan used to market a home.  This is a modular home within a modular community known as The Farm in Buena Vista, Colorado, presented and built by the company Fading West. The cost efficiency, short build time, and simplicity of these modular homes mixed with the marketing effectiveness of the 3D scans creates a perfect recipe for a quick and painless home searching experience.     

A modular home by Fading West in Buena Vista, Colorado scanned for the purpose of marketing to possible home buyers

We're currently in the time for new technological advances on all fronts which requires us as a human race to adapt accordingly to ensure top proficiency, and for architects and construction workers, this is the first step. Whether you're a company or client, these virtual tools will 'change the game' for you in many instances, from virtual punch lists to click n' mortar and the world of marketing electronically.  Come on, Tribe! Let's get after it.  

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