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Master Facilitators Community

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Your Tribe. Your Path. Your Place to Grow.

Since 2014, Art of Construction has amassed a global audience of over 600,000 listeners. We call this global network our Art of Construction Tribe. All over the world, builders, architects, engineers, and their affiliates have studied our every episode to seek out new ways to grow their business and

improve the construction industry. 

As our industry evolves at light speed and old ways of doing business die out, it is a wild west time for us all. It is for this reason that we're launching our Art of Construction Master Facilitator Group.


 For this group, we are looking for 500 of our most devoted Art of Construction Tribe members to band together so we can all break through the ceiling together. 

Construction is messy, and progress is even messier. This is why we believe the only way we can truly push forward is together. And luckily, over the course of 300 podcast episodes, we have some of the best and brightest minds of our industry to guide us along the way.

We're creating the Master Facilitator community to be a safe place for business owners and leaders who bet on themselves. There’s no judgment here. Only compassion, shared knowledge, hands-on help, and more of the good stuff we're all looking for to propel our journey in construction forward.

We have a special group of Maser Facilitators who are dedicated to Offsite Construction which we call System Built.  See below for more information and links to get you connected!

Master Affiliates 

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Who is a Master Facilitator? 


A lifelong learner interested in improving your company's operations


Self-motivated and eager to do the work that's necessary for growth


Someone comfortable working in the business and never on the business


Always looking for a quick fix to solve your company's problems


Interested in understanding the full scope of the construction project lifecycle


Likes to focus on just your particular silo


Appreciative of diversity in all its forms


Someone who wants to share knowledge and best practices that work for them


One foot in the digital world and one foot in the physical world


Someone who likes to actively engage in discussions on improving construction


Invested in keeping things "the way they've always been"


Someone who is more competetive than collaborative


Thinking technology will solve everything or won't solve anything


A passive consumer of discussions on construction 


  • Fellow Master Facilitators to connect with 

  • Bonus post-episode discussions and Q&A's with guests

  • Monthly Lessons and Workshops with AOC Influencers  

  • Job board and monthly growth challenges

  • In-depth product reviews and testimonials from power users 

Connect with Systems Built Experts

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