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Meyers Jewelers

Commercial Tenant Finish (Improvement) of a 1200 sf retail jewelry store adjacent to renowned McGuckin Hardware. Meyers is a landmark Boulder business founded by Irv Meyers.  Irv recently celebrated his 50th year in business and upon moving into this newly designed retail space experienced his most profitable business year ever.

Design Goal 


The intention of the design was to create a timeless retail jewelry space in the tradition of Tiffany’s through the use of interior materials and organization of the display area.  Classic, yet modern, Cherry display cabinets with frameless glass tops are lit from within by optic fiber lighting.  Black granite tops, cherry wood wainscoting and bush-hammered ostrich granite flooring bring warmth and elegance to the horizontal counter and floor surfaces and serve to provide a visual break to the hand-rubbed plaster walls.  Cherry wood display cabinets at the storefront window area are suspended with stainless steel cables and inset into the stucco storefront wall to mimic precious jewel boxes and engage the passerby and entice them into the store.

Like a Master Chef in an acclaimed upscale restaurant, Master Jeweler Irv Meyers, is put on display at his jeweler’s bench through a large picture window at the rear of the retail space.  Jewelry display cases and a dropped soffit ceiling above are gently rounded in form to further draw customers to the rear of the store, increasing the likelihood of a sale.  


Completed in 2000.

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