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Piller/Segan/Shepard Film & TV Production

Renovation and addition to an existing 1930s glass blowing factory, located on Santa Monica Blvd, near the famous Formosa Café.  The renovation included the addition of a second story office space for Michael Piller, producer and writer for the Paramount Pictures franchised Star Trek television shows and movies.

Design Goals  


Recapture the vintage 1930s factory/warehouse aesthetic through the use of form and materiality.  Create a dynamic first floor conference space for video screening of current film and TV projects, and high-level meetings, create office spaces for the assembled writing team, and add a dynamic second story office for Michael, with flexibility for creative writing, screening, meeting and entertaining functions.

A New York-loft feel for Michael Piller’s office, features distinctive metal-sheathed sculptural forms.  A forward sloping large scale window, facing west down Santa Monica Blvd., from Michael’s raised wet bar area incorporates existing the concrete spandrel beam as a handrail.  


Completed in 2001.

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