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AOC Show 207/Industrialized Construction Series: Building Order Out of Chaos

Amy Marks, Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism at Autodesk, aka The Queen of Prefab, joins us for episode 207 of Art of Construction and episode three of our Deep Dive Series on Industrialized Construction with Autodesk.

Amy Marks is on a mission to bring the construction industry into the future. As we all continue to explore the adoption of different offsite construction systems and techniques in our projects, she is leading the charge at Autodesk to rally our industry around a unified vision of how we can work together to integrate these systems and build order out of chaos. Her vision is called the "Industrialized Construction Revolution."

A big part of this vision is the groundbreaking work done by specialty mechanical subcontractors who have been successfully prefabricating for decades. We had a lot of fun learning about the prefab systems pioneered by Rosendin and Environmental Air Systems in our two previous episodes, and it was an honor to wrap up this series with the #QueenofPrefab herself.

Tune in on the third and final episode of this Deep Dive Series, as Amy and Devon examine the unexpected driving factors that are bringing the Industrialized Construction Revolution forward, breaking down industry silos and misconceptions about what’s ahead, and how connection in technology and culture is far more important than any one product – all with undeniable passion, and a few laughs along the way!



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