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AOC Show 115 - How Building Relationships can Grow your Business

Joshua Downing, CEO of Direct Movement Company

Direct Movement Group logo and website link

Joshua Downing, CEO of Direct Movement Group, joins us on the AOC to share how he’s made his company successful by focusing on relationships.

Before starting a project, Josh takes time to fully understand what problem the homeowner is trying to solve, and if the budget expectations match reality. By taking the time to develop a relationship with the homeowner, Josh is able to deliver quality work and grow his business. It hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole way and Josh explains how he’s not afraid of failure and learning from his mistakes.

In just a few years Joshua Downing & Jason Horrocks have created a company that takes most decades, or a lifetime to build. Through hard work, transparency, & dedication to quality, Direct Movement focuses on providing a finished product effective and efficiently. Projects range from an update to your outdated kitchen, to a custom home build or remodel. Direct Movement has gained national recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and more, for their role in reshaping the construction industry. Josh was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He has a beautiful family with his wife Brooke and son Fenwick. With years of contracting experience and a strong knowledge of the business Josh holds honesty, trust, and integrity in high regard and strives to incorporate them into every aspect of the business through his personable style. With these core values, Josh has shaped and molded Direct Movement Group into the successful company it is today.

00:23 Speed round, get to know Josh Downing

4:29 Introduction to Direct Movement, run by Josh and Jason

4:54 Josh talks about how his work focuses on relationships

6:27 How Josh does needs analysis and solve the problem through construction projects

8:58 Direct Movement’s target market - home remodeling, with 25 in-house employees

10:00 Main area - Jacksonville, FL

12:09 How Josh and Jason formed a business partnership

13:13 Direct Movements biggest success and failure - growing too fast with a franchise.

17:31 How to use failure to improve and grow your business

18:43 Next up for Direct Movement - scaling back. There is power in being small and efficient rather than large and inefficient.

20:00 Josh explains his phone pre-qualification system before he takes a job. He asks the right questions to know if it’s a job he can do AND builds a relationship along the way.

22:00 Construction concierge service - Direct Movement changes a retainer fee to help DIY homeowners pull permits.


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