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AOC Show 127 - Lean Construction in Action

Luiza Mills, Vice President of Human Resources for Interstate Electrical

Interstate Electrical Services logo and website link

Luiza Mills, Vice President of Human Resources for Interstate Electrical Services, joins us on the Art of Construction to share how her company is putting Lean Construction into practice.

Lean Construction is the process of eliminating waste and creating more efficient procedures. Interstate Electrical puts this notion into practice through a variety of methods. They started their own manufacturing and assembly plant to make getting the right materials to the jobsite faster, easier and more accurate. Interstate brings a team approach to the company, all the doers are empowered to collaborate to make their jobs more efficient. And Interstate embraces the latest technology tools from 3D design to infrared scanners. Lean construction is the sum of many small improvements, take a listen to see how you can start eliminating waste at your company!

0:22 Introduction

2:27 Get to know Luiza speedround

4:13 Introduction to Interstate Electrical

5:57 How Interstate began Lean Construction about 3 years and using prefabrication. Interstate has empowered the doers in the company and ask for feedback - how can we make your job easier, better or more efficient?

11:09 How Interstate packages installs room by room, and floor by floor for tall buildings so that the electricians have everything they need when they start the job.

14:29 Revit softwares works closely with Interstate and provides enhancements from feedback

14:52 Manufacton software tools for the coordination and detailers.

17:24 How Dexter Chaney software and Spectrem integrate with Revit and Manufacton.

17:47 How good software companies come on sight, identify what the goal are, talk about how it is that they can help, identify where they are falling short.

33:45 Using Trimble with infrared scanning on the job site, now employ Trimble experts

36:44 Matterport as a cheaper option to Trimble for scanning

38:37 Employing lean construction techniques is a long process. Work one process at a time, don’t strive for perfection. 5-20% enhancement and improvement is a great step forward.

42:38 The best thing to Grow your Business - change is not a bad word. Embrace the evolution of technology and empower the doers.

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