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AOC Show 142/Ground Up Construct Series: The Changing Workforce

Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct

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Josh Munns and Josh Denton, co-founders of Ground Up Construct, join us on the Art of Construction. In this first episode of a three part Deep Dive Series, we discuss The Changing Workforce.

Munns and Denton discuss ways to face the challenges of the rapidly changing construction workforce culture head on. From generational changes, to diversity, and rapidly expanding need for technical skills, all construction industry companies are in a position where they need to adapt and grow -with- their workforce. This includes embracing an inclusive workforce, young and old, male and female, to ensure that your company or career has a path forward.

Join Devon as he starts a journey with Josh and Josh to explore the most important element in construction; the People that make it all happen.

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