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AOC Show 150: Augmenting a New Reality for Construction

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

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Bianca Rodriguez and Neil Gordon, Innovation Engineers at BNBuilders, join us on this episode 150 of Art of Construction.

This episode marks our third in a series of six shows we are doing leading up to Digital Built Week in Seattle next month. Bianca and Neil will both be speaking at Digital Built Week about their work with BNBuilders. Both of them work in the innovation department, spearheading the implementation of new technology and process into their company’s toolkit. Much of their work, and the talks they will give at BILT, deals with using augmented reality for the quality check and design validation aspects of their projects.

Join us as we learn all about the tools and processes Bianca and Neil utilize in their work and continue to hone in on a very important theme we’ve been developing here at Art of Construction; the ability for new technology and creative thinking to completely transform the way we build.


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