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AOC Show 151: Creating Laser-Focused Construction Teams

Jason Blenker, visionary leader for Blenker Companies

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Scott Myatich, Integrated Design Engineer at GLY Construction, joins us on this episode 151 of Art of Construction. This episode marks our fourth in a series of six shows we are doing leading up to Digital Built Week in Seattle this month. Scott will be speaking at Digital Built Week about laser scanning for design and construction.

We’ve spent a lot of time on this show talking over all the different ways that new technology is revolutionizing the world of construction, but Scott brings a unique perspective being that he was previously a working architect before crossing into the world of general contracting. Coming into construction with an architectural background in Revit made Scott prepared to take on the intricacies of bringing each project from the design phase to the build phase using innovative technology. It also taught him the importance of creating organized frameworks through which each member of a construction project’s team can work together as transparently and efficiently as possible.

When we imagine laser scanning and other technology’s role in the world of construction, we usually think of futuristic looking high-tech equipment, robots, the bright lights and virtual reality headsets. What we think of less is the vital organizational and logistical measures that go into implementing these tools into your projects: to make sure you have the proper clearances and procedures in place to scan your project where and when you need to, picking out your team's preferred method of data storage and processing, and even planning how you might transfer this data in a hand off to a new party many years down the road.

Join us as we discuss these important steps and so much more about what Scott has learned in his years at GLY Construction. Also make sure you join us at Digital Built Week next weekend in Seattle!


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